Building Repair following Gas Explosion


When a gas explosion damaged this building in New Haven, Connecticut, Pacesetter Construction was contacted to survey/inspect and repair the damage.


In December 2016, a manufacturing facility in New Haven suffered a devastating natural gas explosion. The explosion took out most the rear wall of the building and about 40’ of side wall on each side. The girts were blown outward, and there was significant damage to several columns of this Butler Pre-Engineered Building.

In addition, a large section of roof suffered extensive damage to the metal roof and purlins.

Pacesetter Construction was hired to supply the Butler material including new wall panels, insulation, girts, and replacement of the damaged columns and concrete. For the roof Pacesetter removed the damaged section of roof and out in new Purlins, insulation and roof sheets.

The construction process took about four weeks and the client was back up and operating.

Pacesetter Construction