Metal Roof Repair & Replacement

As a well-known metal roofing company in Connecticut, Pacesetter Construction specializes in solutions for failing roofs due to leaks, damage, or structural compromise. We start with a comprehensive inspection to evaluate the health and stability of your roof, and follow-up with recommendations for repair or replacement.

Here are some of the most common problems with metal roofs:

  • A screw down roof where the screws have backed out over time which require replacing and sealing.
  • A screw down roof where the screw line has been treated in the past but the repair has begun to fail with time.
  • A roof penetration like a vent or stack that has begun to leak or was repaired in the past and the repair over time has begun to fail.
  • Roof Coatings that have failed over time.
  • Skylights that have developed leaks. 

Once we diagnose the problem, we can implement a solution that best suits your situation. We may also work with your insurance company if the damage is covered by your policy.

If a replacement is recommended, we will suggest one of the following options:

Retro R Roof System

Retro-R® panel eliminates the roof and wall removal process entirely as it is installed directly over an existing R panel.

In addition to saving time in the project schedule and maintaining operations, this exposed fastening system requires fewer installation accessories, thus reducing cost and still providing a new look and longer life. This panel has rib spacing 12″ on center with a rib height of 1-1/16″, and the minimum slope is 12″. The Retro-R® panel has a Drip Stop membrane to prevent rust from the old roof or wall from transferring to the new panel.

Because the existing roof doesn’t need to be removed, there’s no interruption to business operations. If you are looking for a low-cost solution and want to cover your roof with a lightweight, through-fastened panel, the Retro-R® panel installed over your existing roof is the right choice.

Retro-R® Panel System offers:

  • Most economic re-cover system
  • Extremely fast installation
  • Only works over some existing metal panels and profiles

Roof Hugger System

The Roof Hugger System allows the existing metal roof to stay on place during the construction process and allows your business to continue to operate undisturbed.

Roof Hugger Retrofit Sub-Purlins are zee-shaped structural members that are typically 10 to 12 feet in length. They are made from 16 Ga., 0.060” Min., 50 KSI structural grade G-90 galvanized steel and specifically notched to fit over the ribs of the existing metal roof panels. This factory notching provides a correct “structure to structure” connection with the least possible increase in assembly height.

We mass produce some products as shown above and custom fab parts for non-standard conditions IE: taller parts for more insulation, special panel rib spacing, special size flanges, special gauges, venting holes and more.

The Roof Hugger Systems can fit ANY existing metal panel, support ANY new roof panel and be configured to add insulation and solar energy equipment between the old and new roofs.

  • Factory Mutual & Florida Product approved assemblies
  • Extensively tested for wind uplift per ASTM E 1592
  • Meets applicable Building Code Requirements
  • Low-profile is structurally fitted

Simply put, it is the installation of a long new life metal roof over an existing metal roof in a way that is structurally correct, non-disruptive and cost effective. It is a system that adds strength, is environmentally friendly, cooler in summer, warmer in winter and conserves energy.

ROOF HUGGER provides the industry’s most effective way of doing this with ROOF HUGGER SUB-PURLIN SYSTEMS. The Roof Hugger Systems can fit ANY existing metal panel, support ANY new roof panel and be configured to add insulation and solar energy equipment between the old and new roofs.

Roof huggers system allows for 3” or 6” of insulation inside the cavity for increased R Value and energy efficiency for your roof.

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