Quality Mechanical Corporation, East Haven

FEATURED PROJECT: Metal Roof Replacement

Pacesetter Construction inspected, recommended, and is installing a new Roof Hugger system for Quality Mechanical Corporation in East Haven, CT.


In February 2022, Pacesetter Construction inspected the roof of Quality Mechanical Corporation at 231 Silver Sands Road in East Haven. The building appears to have been built in the 1970s and the roof shows signs of multiple repairs over the years.

The structure is 26,810sf with two metal screw-down roofs of 187’ x 103” and 72’ x 112’. After the inspection, Pacesetter advised the client that the roof was beyond repair and recommended a new roof.

Of the three possible roofing solutions, the client selected the Roof Hugger option which has some tremendous advantages.

First and foremost, with the Roof Hugger system, the existing roof does not need to be removed, so a business can continue to operate throughout the re-roofing process.

For clients with screw-down metal roofs like Quality Mechanical, the model C Roof Hugger gives the client an option to convert to a standing seam roof which provides better longevity and require less maintenance.

The Roof Hugger system saves cost over a remove and replace re-roof, and it includes cavity options for 3” or 6” of insulation, adding increased R value and energy efficiency.

The model C Roof Hugger is a 16ga G90 Galvalume structure that attaches to an existing metal roof. The new roof sheets then go over the top. For Quality Mechanical, Pacesetter is installing a 24ga Galvalume Plus Double Lok Standing Seam Roof.

The project was started in early December 2022, and is scheduled to be completed in January 2023. Check back in for updates as the job progresses.


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